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why are you need

Either you already have a website, or you need a brand new one we can help you with that! A few years ago, we were at your shoes – having a will but, but didn’t know how and with restricted resources to have our website. So, our mission is to help. You will be pleased with our professionalism, our knowledge but most of all you will be surprised by our wish to help small businesses and all self employes who don’t have time to learn new skills to make the website for themselves.


Targeting You Needs

Having websites nowadays is a must-have. The main question is – what kind of website do You need?


Connecting to Online Customers

Do you want your website to have booking abilities, or selling ones? No problem, we can help You with that.


Spread the Word

Do you know that using a website also helps you in your marketing? Try to create the best possible website that will accurately reflect your business.

try to see,You'll be surprised with the price

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Features & Benefits

Power At Your Fingertips

With our websites, you will get full control over your content, and anyway, if you will need any help with additions or changes-we are pleased to help you with that.

The main idea of ​​Keephumanity is to help people, but not to scare or confuse them. Therefore, we decided to create web pages with predefined layouts and functionalities. We have three different types of websites, the STANDARD website, BOOKING, and E-COMMERCE.

What does it mean?

Depending on the time and effort required to create and design the various functionalities of a website, we have decided on these three categories. However, being aware of the diversity of tastes in humans, we decided to offer the ability to customize in addition to templates already prepared – at the same price! It’s important to mention, that customization is limited by the extra hours it takes to create a site. In this connection, any processing that lasts more than 15 working hours is free of charge. Over these 15 hours, we charge a labor cost according to the established price list.


Endless Layouts

You can either take a finished template where we will post content related to your business (text, photos, map, etc.) or you can just simply click at the button named “buy custom template” and we will redesign for your already finished template along with you needs.

Take control

Fully Compatible

Our templates are mobile-friendly, so you website will look great either desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.


Three main functionality

…are standard website, booking, and e-commerce store.But if you want for example, blog and booking option in the same domain-we can also deliver that to you. Anything can be arranged with good communication.

Modern Fonts


As the same as handwriting is showing someone’s personality, fonts are also important to show the character of your business. We can help you to choose the right one for and implement it at your web-presentation.

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