Nonprofit and non-governmental organization websites and proposal-Skagit fisheries WordPress website and mobile app view

We like to work with a company from various economic fields. Lately, we start to work with nonprofit organizations and we love to work on their websites. One of the companies who finds us on Instagram and contacted us to do a website redesign for them is Skagit fisheries company from Washington state.

Before we start doing a website for them we sent them a proposal that includes an explanation why we choose our direction to make design, what science help us out to do research and to recognize what their website user will like, why we decide to implement new colors, images, font and why their our better and more modern than old website version.

What is a website business proposal?

So many times when clients contacted us we need to respond on a professional level using a proposal. The proposal can be in two the form, first can be more formal like the proposal to a friend or to a local store which one, this one mostly include a cover letter, but also can be a very corporative business proposal. If you want to know more about how to make a good business proposal you can find here.

Mobile version of nonprofit website

When we build up a website for our clients one of very important function is to be RESPONSIVE, that is mean that should fit perfectly to every screen size starting from the laptop screen, iPad screen, iPhone screen, and all other wireless modern devices. Once when we finish the website we like to show our clients how a website will look on a mobile screen. To check the price of how much will cost your website you can find it in our calculator.

Also we send presentation of our website as nice and neat screenshots:


When you start to build up nonprofit websites or other types of websites we should consider business proposals plus brand and identity strategies in order to explain to clients your vision and methods that u used in the whole process.

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