the way we can help you

We offer you three types of websites that you can choose among and also we are building various templates for your visual references.
But if you can’t find anything similar to your taste and needs, or you just need something to add (which requires more than 15 working hours with the chosen template ) -here are three basic services that we can offer, along with our product.

Graphic Design Services

25 $ per hour

We all want to be different , to be unique, but not to much stand out from the crowd. Then,at the scene coming up the good designer with excellent skills.
You can hire our designer to make your content more appealing to your audience’s taste and style. The price is 25 $ per hour. Make a call, that we can tell you how many designers hours is needed for Your task.

Web Developer Services

30 $ per hour

Maybe, there will be a moment when you realize that your website needs more functionality.For example, you want to have custom emails for special opportunities, or you will want some kind of integration among your extension, etc… So to do that for you, we need extra working hours with our development team. The best way to know the estimation is to send us the task that you would like to be performed on your website. After that, we will make touch with you through the email or the phone call to be precise about the task and about possible hours that are going to be spent for that task.The price is 30 $ per hour.

Copy-Writing Services

17 $ per hour

Sometimes, you will need a professional copywriter for making content on your website or your blog. The main reason for that is because the text is usually the best and the fastest way to boost your SEO, so you can be easily found at web search. You can hire our specialist for creating text for any kind of business, or blog.The price is 17 $ per hour.