The swimming website template "ORCA" - standard

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This is The swimming club website template “ORCA”-standard the most advanced one with standard functionality. This is the LOCKED template, which means that all its layout is the same except Your photographs and content about Your salon. This is the elegant, stylish template for people who are in the beauty business. As You can see, it is very adjustable for lawyer services, HR, business, life coach, etc.

Needing no customization. Liking everything You see.


I Prefer to customize the template.


The swimming website template “ORCA”- standard is a unique Keephumanity template.

Who is the website for?  For any business owner who already has an existing business or is starting a new one

Why our website is different from others?  Quality vs price score 10,  Production time vs quality score 10

What are website design and style?  Modern, business style design with great energy and simple website navigation for clients to use it.

What are the benefits of the website?  While focused on your business, through the website you will receive orders, appointments. Notification can be via email or phone.

Swimming  website template “ORCA”- standard  is a simple, better and more affordable solution for your business

Can I display my website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media? The website can be shown on any social media

What are the benefits of doing business with us? Save you time, save you money and plus help you to make money. SIMPLE WITH “TRIPLE HELP”


Type of template: Swimming website template
Possibility of transaction via the website: NO
Design: MODERN
Number of plugins: between 13-18
Modification of the template: A LITTLE BIT. The whole template is “LOCKED”.The following things can be change -fonts, colors, size and actually text plus header include everything inside of it. Regard picture, the position of the picture, button (size, colors, etc) and functionality of the website CAN NOT be changed at all.


WordPress Platform
Responsive design on all devices
Tags: spa, hair salon, fitness, yoga, mechanical, technology, fishing, cleaning service, contractors, auto-shop, business, medical, insurance, etc


Free hosting & domain for 1 year
CMS platform / business email
Google analytics / online chat
Contact form / professional email


Free hosting & domain for 1 year
CMS platform / business email
Google analytics / online chat
Contact form / professional email


type of template: a CUSTOM variation on the template “ORCA” template: STANDARD
possibility of transaction via the website: NO
number of the plugin: 13-18
modification of the template: HIGH. The whole template is “UNLOCKED”.Clients can do any type of layout’s customization (starting from the header, image position, fonts, slider, footer, buttons, etc) adding up to 3 additional pages with no changing with the functionality of the website. For example, if you bought a booking template, we will do the customizing for the same price as the “locked’ template, but if you wish to add an e-commerce store for that same template we recommend you to contact us -so we will tell you how much hours our team is going to spend at that project and what will be the price of that customization.

Production Time

  1. standard template: UP TO 5 BUSINESS  DAYS( usually takes us 3 days)
  2. custom template: UP TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS( usually takes us 7 days)

Return & Refund

RETURN AND REFUND are available in first 30 days from date of purchased.
If you are  not satisfy with our service please contact us at
[email protected]  or
via phone 707-389-5299 M-F from 8am.- 5 pm. 


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